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When I was in high school, I thought working in a movie theater would be perhaps the single best job in the world, but that avenue of employment never really panned out for me. I just couldn’t get any of the nearby theaters to hire me- and believe me, I tried.  Instead, I picked strawberries at a local farm, stocked shelves at a gas station, took tickets at a Six Flags and dug ditches for a local construction company. I was also a seasonal laborer/peon at a friend’s family-owned coin-operated amusements company,  maintenance crew foreman at Residence Life Facilities at my university, order puller at a steel warehouse and a forklift operator at a trucking transfer company. After moving to NYC, I was a PA, AV assistant and ultimately a Commercial Editor. I think it’s safe to say that my current position cutting tv spots and doing voice over work on the side beats every other job I’ve had- though some of them were pretty fun. And it probably beats working in a movie theater (or a video store for that matter… a close second in my teenage movie-obsessed mind). And it’s that obsession with movies, cultivated at a very young age and honed to a fine point in my adult years, that inspired one other endeavor worth mentioning here… Co-host of an award-winning podcast called, The Film With Three Brains.


The Film With Three Brains is a film review podcast created by three lifelong friends who have been seeing movies together since they were little kids. Sam, Sean and me. Each episode features a film released between 1975 and 1999 picked by each of us in rotation. We spend approximately an hour per episode discussing and reviewing a film in the laid back relaxed manner you’d expect from 3 guys who have been friends for 40 years, with all the history, anecdotes and banter that entails. And although we are spread out across the country, the tone of our podcast is of three old friends sitting around on a patio shooting the breeze over a beer. At the end of each episode we find out what the next film will be for the next episode. Sometimes we have guests. Oh and it’s worth mentioning, the coin-operated amusements company I worked for way back when, it was Sam’s family.  And the summer I worked the front gate at Six Flags Great America, Sean worked the food kiosks.  We’ve known each other a long time.

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Listen to The Film With Three Brains:

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